About Us



The interest and curiosity for the operation of things comes from a young time. It didn’t start with the trucks, but with everything that had engine and wheels.

Over time the taste of driving and the passion to feel freedom has led me into this world. What involves us in terms of new knowledge, adrenaline and the fact that we are forced out of our comfort zone, coupled with the discovery of the global vision under a truck, has made me go further. This is not just a working tool, but our home during good hours of our life.

I felt that in Portugal something was missing, especially in the dissemination of fleets and their recognition around the world. This will is reflected today in my daily work.

The dream of having my own workshop, working under my ideals and building something with my hands and tools still mechanical and, I dare to call them even “old guard”, was realized and in this way came to RJ Santos.

Officially since 2015, but long before that already welding, iron and stainless steel ran through my veins. Using my own name in this craft is the click of possible conjugations and make sense of what I can do what I love.


RJ SANTOS, in addition to continuing to focus on truck customization and the creation of custom parts, it also has an online store where it offers its customers and all heavy vehicle enthusiasts the possibility to provide the best parts and accessories for their trucks!