Long Range Headlight 120W Pollux9 + LED Strobe Ledson

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Details Long Range Headlight 120W Pollux9 + LED Strobe Ledson:



  • Available in two versions: Driving Beam (range 960m 480m) or Spot Beam (range 1148m[0 .25 lux], 574m [0 .25 lux] [1 lux])[1 lux]
  • TIR Reflectors
    • All light is effectively reflected and directed before being sent by the reflector, minimizing the loss of light emitted
    • you get a more efficient light on the road and make the most of all the LEDs in the auxiliary light with the TIR reflectors
  • E marked (E8, ref. 37.5 Driving Beam, ref. 50 Spot Beam), ECE R112 / R10 / R7 (white position light)
  • 12,000 lumens (theoretical), 9,600 lumens (real)
  • Cold White Light (6500 K)
  • TIR (Total Inner Reflection) optical system
  • Pressure equalization membrane
  • 36 months warranty
  • Selectable position light (white or orange) + ECE R65 approved strobe light with 5 different patterns
    • Single Flash (ECE R65)
    • Dual Flash
    • Triple Flash
    • Quad Flash
    • Continuous hyperflash


  • Synchronizable and with alternating flash pattern, the Pollux9+ Strobe can be synchronized with each other, which means that all lights use the same synchronized flash and strobe pattern. There is also the option of alternating flash pattern, which means that the auxiliary lights can be divided into two different groups so that they blink alternately (for example, right/left or top/bottom). Possible to synchronize and use alternating flash patterns with an infinite number of lights, i.e. there are no restrictions on the number of lights used (see attached image).
  • Measurements: 21,8cm L x 23,45cm A x 6,85cm P
  • Weight: 1.9kg

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